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Stanchions, special technical solutions

Timber Transport TrailersStanchions, special technical solutions

The technical solutions used in the construction of timber transports semitrailers, stanchion, perfectly suited to the carriage of long wood, or long metal elements.


The reference structure has from 7 to 10 stanchions. They are permanently mounted in special slots.


With many types of stanchions may be used various technical means, such as stakes, sliding with removable and increase or decrease the number and their spacing, and height adjustable stanchions.

This allows customize the trailer to the types of the materials and their size.

We can in a very short time to get a universal, flat cargo space. The characteristic of this type of equipment is the material used in the construction of the frame of the trailer. It is made entirely of high quality in construction steel. Additional protection against exploitation is the use of blasting and degreasing of its elements, and protection from the weather - anticorrosive epoxy paint and high quality polyurethane varnish for increased abrasion resistance.

The loading surface

It consists of a set of 7 to 10 pairs of stanchions removable. This allows you to get a lot more space for loading length: 13.620 mm and a width of 2,500 mm.

Chassis Truck trailers

We put emphasis on quality design, which is why our trailers are equipped with axles renowned drum or disc MERCEDES, SAF and BPW. This allows for quick replacement of equipment in the event of faults or damage. They are very popular in Europe, it will be no problem with the supply of spare parts and accessories. This allows for quick replacement of equipment in the event of faults or damage.

Specifications of models available in our company

In the case of semi-standard size tires is 385/65 R 22, 5. They are equipped with steel wheels.


Additional equipment is certified:

Dual-band support legs JOST, coupling plate - combining 2 inch royal, side panels - certified ECE - protecting side side of the vehicle in case of accident, rear bumper - certified ECE, completely equipped pressure gauge with pneumatic control.

Security is the ABS system to prevent cheating on the side, spin and loss of control of the vehicle after locking the wheels and EBS.

  • Item stanchion, drilling the holes,
  • Welding stanchions,
  • In the depths set of stanchions.


Timber Transport TrailersStanchions TrailerTimber Transport Trailer
Loading stanchions.Rear View.Stanchions from KMG Truck ready for transport.